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The Sentinel Insights Team attended Adobe Summit a few weeks ago – our first major marketing event together, along with 10,000 of our closest friends.

Our trip out to Vegas for Summit was perfect timing given that we had recently launched our rebrand to Sentinel Insights. We were ready to hit the ground running and excited to catch up with old friends and new, some of whom we’d only met virtually.

Sentinel Insights CEO Maigari Jinkiri giving a data quality product demo at Adobe Summit to an Adobe Summit attendee.

Adobe Summit, our favorite conference, has not been held in-person since 2019 (thanks for ruining our 2020 plans, covid-19!) so needless to say it is a show we have anticipated for a long time. You may be wondering how the pandemic/”recession” has affected Summit. We heard through the grapevine that there were approximately 10,000 people in attendance – compared to 2019’s 20,000+ attendees, this seems to be a massive decrease. However, Vegas and the Venetian/Palazzo felt as energetic as ever.

We attended breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with clients, prospects, and partners, we crushed some balls at TopGolf, and we broke out of our introvert shells to attend a few parties, including the Tealium, BlastX, and Quantum Metric happy hour:

Bash this year was amazing because it was in a different location, Area 15. It was a cool indoor/outdoor experience which included a super trippy walk-through of Omega Mart.

It appears that Adobe has considered feedback from Summit attendees over the years and attempted to make Summit less sales-y. We hope those of you who attended can attest to this. Based on our interactions during and after the conference, we heard glowing reviews of the content presented. Some of our friends who presented at panels received anticipatory notes on LinkedIn in advance, which is a great indicator of engagement (and certainly helps make speakers feel valued).

Adobe Summit 2023: Takeaways

What were the main topics of conversation at Summit? There were two products that were discussed more than anything else: Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) and the Web SDK.

CJA is absolutely the future as it relates to Analytics and Analysis in the non-CDP division of Analytics. There are already whispers anticipating when Adobe Analytics will be sunset as CJA continues to gain momentum and focus.

Given where Sentinel Insights sits as a client-side validator of marketing technology data in real-time, we have already received many questions from our clients about our capabilities as it relates to the Web SDK. Most of our Adobe clients are in the initial stages of planning a migration to the Web SDK, which obviously that changes the structure of sending data to Adobe (and other platforms).

We’re often asked if we can validate the data sent client-side in the same way we do today. The short answer is “YES”! We can absolutely validate each and every data point in real-time letting you know if the data is anomalous or malformed in any way. If you are using a consent management platform or want to better understand browser signals, we can also validate that in real-time for every single website visitor.

What we require is a close communication with your organization as you structure the client side data that you will be sending to Adobe. We can then configure and/or reconfigure our tag to ensure that the same validation you have today utilizing our platform is what you have after implementing the Web SDK.

Announcing our New Launch Extension: Adobe Analytics via AEP Web SDK


OH, and another random takeaway? People love silly shirts.