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Marketing Technology Monitoring:

Every User, Every Data Point, in Real Time

Not Your Grandmother's MarTech Monitoring

With a modern, innovative approach using comprehensive real user monitoring for the marketing technology stack, Sentinel Insights ensures you can trust your data.

Best practice violations, anomalies in the data, and gaps in consent management are no match for the watchful eye of the Sentinel Insights platform.

Sentinel Insights delivers the key information you need to ensure your MarTech ecosystem is running smoothly.

MARTECH MONITORING with Sentinel Insights

Comprehensive MarTech Monitoring

The Sentinel Insights platform monitors:

  • Anomalies in data points
  • Changes in your implementation
  • Vendor best practices
  • Areas of opportunity

Sentinel Insights watches over marketing technologies so you can focus on innovation with peace of mind.

Real-Time, Real User Monitoring for MarTech

You need clean, reliable digital data and the know-how to put the data to work for you.

Our platform combines the best of both of these worlds, offering real-time anomaly alerting when discrepancies or changes are detected, and implementation guidance for your MarTech tools so you can realize value more quickly and efficiently.

Because the Sentinel tag sits alongside the others on your website, it is able to monitor the data at the moment of collection, providing insights into the data collected for real users in real time.

With our user-friendly dashboard, you’ll gain access to:

Virtual Consultant

for always-on best practice guidance and straightforward recommendations for how to improve your data collection.

Overview information

to accurately assess the state of your data and track how your implementation improves over time.


to quickly see and receive alerts for the issues that matter most to you.

Data exports

to give you a clear understanding of your actual MarTech implementation - not what you planned to implement

With an intuitive dashboard, it’s easy to stay up to date with any issues that need attention.

Garbage in, garbage out? That can be a notion of the past with Sentinel Insights helping you find and support the fix of any messes in your MarTech implementation.

Want to maximize returns on your MarTech investments? Let’s talk about how you can tap into trustworthy, timely insight into your digital data collection and maximize value from the teams and technologies working for you.

CONSENT VALIDATION with Sentinel Insights

Comprehensive Compliance Requires Automation

Consent management is equal parts essential and intricate. Legal teams everywhere want the peace of mind that every user’s consent preferences are honored, 100% of the time.

Enter Sentinel Insights. By providing clear line of sight into user consent issues—for every user, on every page, for every vendor—our comprehensive consent monitoring technology takes the hassle out of complying with data protection laws.

We handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about staying compliant.

Detect gaps in consent management settings—in real time, for real users

Configure alerts so you know immediately when there's a problem

Eliminate tedious manual audits, without sacrificing accuracy

Sentinel Insights is watching every user in real time and sending automated alerts when violations occur.

Result: peace of mind that your users’ information is collected according to their individual preferences.

Ready to stop worrying about your consent management practices?


Here’s how the Sentinel Insights platform works, in a nutshell:


Deploy a small JavaScript tag on your website, allowing Sentinel Insights to monitor and analyze your marketing data in real time.

Behind the scenes, the Sentinel Insights platform builds and maintains a baseline of your data, which is used as a reference point for identifying any discrepancies.

The Sentinel Insights system continuously monitors your data and alerts you in real time of any significant changes or anomalies, so you can take immediate action if necessary.

The easy-to-use Sentinel Insights dashboard spotlights findings that matter to you, helping you continuously improve your implementation.

The Sentinel Insights 24/7 virtual consultant provides best practice guidance and pinpoints areas of opportunity.


With Sentinel Insights, you’ll get the security and reliability you expect with the detail and accuracy required for successful marketing campaigns.

You’ll unlock the door to:

  • Peace of mind with always-on monitoring, for all users, all tags, and all variables
  • More accurate personalization campaigns to drive higher ROI
  • 360-degree customer view with trustworthy first-party data
  • Powerful predictive analytics, AI & machine-learning models
  • Maximized value delivery and optimized human resource time
  • Saving time and money with quicker problem detection
  • Better MarTech implementations