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Every User, Every Data Point, in Real Time

Not Your Grandmother's Data Monitoring Tools

With a modern, innovative approach for comprehensive data quality monitoring, Sentinel Insights ensures all information collected through your MarTech stack is good to go.

Best practice violations, anomalies in the data, and gaps in consent management are no match for the watchful eye of the Sentinel Insights platform.

And because it’s based on real user data, along with automated reporting and alerts, staying on top of the ever-evolving world of digital data has never been easier.

DATA QUALITY with Sentinel Insights

Simple, Comprehensive Data Quality Monitoring

We make digital governance simple, watching over your tags in real-time and providing comprehensive insights into:

  • Anomalies in data points
  • Changes in your MarTech implementation
  • Vendor best practices
  • Areas of opportunity

So you can optimize your MarTech investments without extensive configuration requirements or documentation.

Are your data collection practices accurate and reliable? Our obsession is ensuring you can answer with a confident “YES.” This is why our clients can make informed decisions quickly, with trust in the quality of their data.

Unparalleled Real-Time Digital Data Observability

You need clean, reliable data and the consultative know-how to put the data to work for you.

Our platform combines the best of both of these worlds, offering real-time anomaly alerting when discrepancies or changes are detected, and guidance on how to realize value in your MarTech implementation.

Because the Sentinel tag sits alongside the others on your website, we’re able to monitor the data at the moment of collection, providing insights into the data collected for real users in real time.

With our user-friendly dashboard, you get:

Virtual Consultant

for always-on best practice guidance and straightforward recommendations for how to improve your data collection.

Overview information

to accurately assess the state of your data and track how your implementation improves over time.


to quickly see and receive alerts for the issues that matter most to you.

Data exports

to give you a clear understanding of your actual MarTech implementation - not what you planned to implement

With an intuitive dashboard featuring detailed metrics and rich datasets, it’s easy to stay up to date with any issues that need attention—all while receiving notifications as soon as problems occur.

Garbage in, garbage out? That can be a notion of the past with Sentinel Insights helping you find and support the fix of any messes in your MarTech implementation.

Sentinel Insights technology gives you peace of mind – you gain trustworthy, accurate, comprehensive insights into your data, allowing you to make better decisions, run smarter campaigns, and do it all more quickly than ever before.

Want to maximize returns on your MarTech investments? Let’s talk about how you can tap into trustworthy, timely insight into your digital data collection and maximize value from the teams and technologies working for you.

CONSENT VALIDATION with Sentinel Insights

Comprehensive Compliance Requires the Power of Automation

Consent validation is as essential as it is tricky to manage. To maintain a website’s compliance, organizations must stay knowledgeable of changing regulations—all while keeping up with the demands of users.

Enter Sentinel Insights. By providing deep insight into how well your website is honoring user consent—for every user, on every page, for every vendor—our comprehensive consent monitoring technology takes the hassle out of complying with data protection law.

We handle the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to worry about staying compliant.

Detect gaps in consent management settings—in real time, for real users

Configure alerts so you know immediately when there's a problem you care about

Eliminate the need for time-consuming manual audits, without sacrificing accuracy

With our intuitive dashboards and automated alerting, you can trust that your website is always honoring your users’ consent settings.

Result: peace of mind that your users’ information is collected according to their individual preferences and in line with legislation.

Ready to gain confidence in your data privacy practices?


To do your job well, you need data that is:

  • Clean
  • High quality
  • Consented

The Sentinel Insights platform is a comprehensive solution that helps ensure data accuracy and reveal actionable insight.

Our patent-pending technology identifies anomalies in actual user data, providing real-time insights and revealing patterns often missed by synthetic data-validation tools.

Cut to the chase... how does this magic actually work?


You deploy a small JavaScript tag on your website. This allows us to monitor and analyze your digital data in real time.

Behind the scenes, our technology builds and maintains a central source of truth for your data, which is used as a reference point for identifying any discrepancies or variations.

Our system continuously monitors your data and alerts you in real time of any significant changes or anomalies, so you can take immediate action if necessary.

An easy-to-use dashboard spotlights activity that deviates from the source of truth, helping you continuously improve your implementation.

Our 24/7 virtual consultant provides best-practice guidance and pinpoints areas of opportunity.


With Sentinel Insights, you’ll get the security and reliability you expect with the detail and accuracy required for successful marketing campaigns.

When you install our tag on your site, side effects almost certainly include:

  • Peace of mind with always-on monitoring, for all users, all tags, and all variables
  • More accurate personalization campaigns to drive higher ROI
  • 360-degree customer view with trustworthy first-party data
  • Powerful predictive analytics, AI & machine-learning models with technology intelligence
  • Maximized value delivery and optimized human resource time
  • Saving time and money with quicker problem detection
  • Better MarTech implementations