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Monitor Your Marketing Technologies Like Never Before.

Uncover hidden issues, ensure data accuracy, and optimize performance with real-time MarTech monitoring.


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Marketing Technologies Move Fast and Break Things All. The. Time.

It’s costing you time, money, and trust. Traditional auditing solutions only scratch the surface.

It’s a common issue: changes in your MarTech stack cause data collection to break, making it hard to identify:

  • Who made the change?
  • What broke and what is impacted?
  • Where are the problems and where do we go to fix them?
  • When was the change made?
  • Why does this keep happening?

Even top MarTech teams struggle to keep up.

We knew there had to be a better way.

So we built a real-time, real user, all traffic monitoring platform for MarTech that can find more issues more quickly, with less manual effort.

The MarTech Monitoring Tool We Wished For
Graphical image of a team of MarTech engineers working together on a complicated website
Image of two cartoon people talking about website monitoring and consent validation for MarTech tools

Know Immediately When User Consent is Not Honored

7 out of 10 websites we analyze are tracking users against their wishes.

Are you confident your website is compliant?

Consent management requires continuous attention and ongoing monitoring. With Sentinel Insights’ comprehensive consent validation, you can easily verify you’re honoring every user’s consent settings in real-time.

Peace of mind: priceless.

Confident Consent Management

Empowering MarTech Teams

We educate and empower MarTech teams with built-in best practice guidance.

Our virtual consultant offers continuous support, ensuring you collect and utilize data correctly for every visitor. Avoid missing valuable data and maximize your marketing campaigns and upsell efforts.

How It Works
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Ready to Transform Your MarTech Operations?

Get started with Sentinel Insights today and see the difference real-time monitoring can make.

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Don't Take Our Word for It

Hear from our satisfied customers how Sentinel Insights has provided instant value and significant improvements in their MarTech operations.

Sentinel Insights is incredibly useful and has helped us resolve issues in a couple days vs. what would've taken weeks.

EcommerceSenior Program Manager

We saved so much money by making the recommended improvements to our Adobe Analytics implementation that Sentinel Insights paid for itself within the first month.

EcommerceDigital Analytics Manager

Sentinel Insights let us know that we were not honoring our users’ consent on portions of our website. We were at risk for regulatory fines and we had no idea.

PharmaceuticalData Privacy Product Owner

Our agencies often make changes to our website independently - Sentinel Insights gives us peace of mind that if something goes wrong and our digital marketing campaigns are impacted, we’ll know immediately.

FinTechDigital Analytics Manager

Sentinel Insights found an issue with our purchase flow that we'd been trying to figure out for weeks. Based on the time saved alone, it paid for itself almost instantly.

TelecommunicationsEnterprise Analytics Manager

We couldn't have migrated from our legacy TMS to the new one without the help of Sentinel Insights.

HospitalityDigital Analytics Manager